Украинская Ассоциация Сталеплавильщиков

Steelsim 2007 (Graz Austria)

Plenary Talk

Integrated Simulation of the Production Process of Tool Steels
C. Redl, G. Reiter, W. Schutzenhofer, I. Siller, R. Tanzer, V. Wieser

Simulation and Modelling of Hot Ductility for Different Steel Grades
S. Stratemeier, D. Senk, B. Bottger, E. Subasic, K. Gohler

Reduction & Furnace

Comparison of the Reduction Kinetics of Hematite with CO-rich and H2-rich Gases at Elevated Pressures
B. Weiss, J. Sturn, S. Schuster, F. Winter, J. L. Schenk

Simulation of Gas/Liquid Flowing Through a Packed Bed
F. Hauzenberger

CFD Simulation of the Carbon Dust Combustion in the COREX Melter Gasifier
K. Berger, Ch. Wei? , W. Kepplinger, G. Aichinger

Use of a Dynamic Metallurgical Model for the On-line Control and Optimization of the Electric Arc Furnace
P. Nyssen, G. Monfort, J.L. Junque, M. Brimmeyer, P. Hubsch, J.C. Baumert

Melt Treatment

Modelling Compressibility Effects in Gas Driven RH Plant Flows
K. Forstner, S. Pirker

Innovative Modeling for Online LD (BOF) Process Optimization
G. Flossmann, R. Hubmer, S. Dimitrov

Hybrid Dynamic Modeling for Basic Oxygen Steelmaking in a LD-Converter
C. Kattenbelt, B. Roffel

VOD Lance Design and Performance, Evaluation by CFD modeling
S. Morsut, V. Dimitrijevic

Multiphase Top Blown Converter with High Temperature Chemistry
M. Ersson, A. Tilliander, L. Hoglund, P. Jonsson

Kinetic Model of Hot Metal Dephosphorization by Liquid and Solid Coexisting Slag
S. Kitamura, H. Shibata

Numerical Tool Coupling Fluid Dynamics and Thermochemistry to Predict and to Optimize Deoxidation Process
M. Simonnet, JF. Domgin, J. Lehmann, P. Gardin


Mathematical Modelling of the Momentum and Heat Transfer in the Electroslag Remelting Process
A. Ruckert, H. Pfeifer

Description and Validation of a VAR-Model for a High Strength Maraging Steel
R. Tanzer, A. Graf, W. Schutzenhofer, G. Reiter

Numerical Simulation of the Protective Gas Electro Slag Remelting Process and its Industrial Validation
A. Mackenbrock, V. Maronnier, O. Koser, W. Schutzenhofer, G. Reiter, R. Tanzer

On the Importance of Electric Currents Flowing directly into the Mould during an ESR Process
A. Kharicha, W. Schutzenhofer, A. Ludwig, R. Tanzer, M.Wu


Phase-Field Simulation of Soldification and Solid-State Transformations in Multicomponent Steels
B. Bottger

Understanding the Macrosegregation Formation in Steel Ingot Castings: Examples of Multiphase Modeling
M. Wu, L. Konozsy, A. Fjeld, A. Ludwig VIII

The Use of Alternating Electromagnetic Fields to Control Solidification of Binary Metal Alloys
P.A. Nikrityuk, K. Eckert, R. Grundmann

Parameter Study on the Formation of Macrosegregation in a Large Steel Ingot

L. Konozsy, F. Mayer, A. Ishmurzin, A. Kharicha, M. Wu, A. Ludwig, R. Tanzer, W. Schutzenhofer

A Model for Solidification and Phase Transformation of Fe-Cr-C Steel Grades, using the Generalised Enthalpy Method
J. Gnauk, G. Frommeyer

Ladle & Tundish

Investigations of Non-isothermal Flow Conditions in a Two – Strand – Tundish Water Model using DPIV and PLIF-technique
A. Braun, H. Pfeifer

Tundish Flow Model Tuning and Validation : Steady State and Transient Casting Situations
P. Vayrynen, S. Vapalahti, S. Louhenkilpi, L. Chatburn, M. Clark, T. Wagner

Stochastic simulation of inclusions agglomeration and removal in steelmaking
K. Th. Mavrommatis

Thermal Modelling of a 300 t Torpedo Ladle with Finite Element Methods
T. Auer, D. Gruber, H. Harmuth, R. Zirkl

Modelling Heat Transfer in Multilayered Ladles - a Survey
P. Samuelsson, B. Sohlberg

Tundish Flow Optimisation and Steel Grade Change Prediction
M. Zorzut, F. Vecchiet, N. Kapaj, A. Paderno

Continuous Casting

Transition of the Flow Pattern in the Feeding System
J. van Oord, T.W.J. Peeters, A.E. Westendorp, S.H. Higson, J.P.T.M Brockhoff

Improvement of Slab Casting Technology by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics
F. Vecchiet, N. Kapaj

Application of Image Processing Techniques to the Investigation of Mould Flows
G. Nitzl, R. Schwarze, T. Wagner

Investigation of the Steel Flow Pattern in a Beam Blank Caster Mould Using CFD Simulation
Y. Tang, A. Bode

New Developments for Process Modelling of the Continuous Casting of Steel
E. Hepp, P. Bernbeck, W. Schafer, D. Senk, S. Stratemeier

Numeric Modelling of the Heat Transfer in the Continuous Casting Mould
S. Michelic, C. Bernhard, R. Pierer

Heat Transfer Modelling of Continuous Casting: Numerical Considerations, Laboratory Measurements and Plant Validation
S. Vapalahti, B. G. Thomas, S. Louhenkilpi, A.H. Castillejos, F. A. Acosta, C. A. Hernandez

Solution of Transient Temperature Field in Continuous Casting of Steel by a Meshless Method
R. Vertnik, B. Sarler, Z. Bulinski, G. Manojlovic

Modeling of Optimal Variant of Submerge Entry Nozzle for Continuous Casting of Round Block Blanks
P. Strasak, J. Pindor, K. Michalek

Study on the Turbulent Structure of Upper Rolls in Continuous Slab Casting Mould using LES Method
R. Liu, W. Ji, J. Li, H.F. Shen, B.C. Liu

Numerical Simulations of the Gas-Liquid Flow in a Stopper-Rod Controlled SEN
J. Klostermann, R. Bahrmann and R. Schwarze IX

Modeling the Mold Powder Etrapment in Continuous Casting Molds
K. Glitz

Particle Entrapment in the Mushy Region of a Steel Continuous Caster
C. Pfeiler, B.G. Thomas, A. Ludwig, M. Wu

Numerical Modelling of Fluid Flow in Bloom Mould with Electromagnetic Stirring
C.L. Zhang, H.F. Shen, B.C. Liu

Flow Modelling in Round Bloom Strands with electromagnetical stirring
M. Javurek, M. Barna, Ph. Gittler, K. Rockenschaub, M. Lechner

Numerical Study of the Shrinkage Flow Induced Macrosegregation in Continuous Casting of Steel
F. Mayer, M. Gruber-Pretzler, L. Konozsy, M. Wu, A. Ludwig

Application of Non-Linear Finite Element Analyses in the Design and Optimization of the Continuous Casting Processes
G. X. Shan, F. Wimmer, C. Chimani, T. Schaden, K. Morwald

Finite Element Analysis of Thermo-Mechanical Behavior in the Continuous Bloom Casting Mold
X. Luo, H.F. Shen, B.C. Liu

Mechanical Properties

Simulation and Measurement of Residual Stresses in a Stress Lattice
E. Gustafsson, M. Hofwing, N. Stromberg

Thermo-Mechanical FE-Simulation of a Teeming Ladle Slag Line
D. Gruber


New Apects in Controlling a Eeheating Furnace for Slabs by a Thermodynamic Model
L. Croce, A. Grosse-Gorgemann


Numerical Simulations: A Useful Wy to Ahieve new Targets for Rolling Processes
G. Bazzaro, N. Kapaj

Increasing the Productivity of the Hot Strip Mill at Voestalpine Stahl Linz
E. Weberberger, W Seyruck, G. Mitter, R. Konnerth

Cross-Rolling-Piercing Process with Diescher Discs – Comparison of FEM-Model and Experiments on Industrial Scale
R. Pschera, J. Klarner, C. Sommitsch

Computer Simulation of Metallurgical Processes during Hot Rolling of Bars
P. Simecek, K. Cmiel, J. Elfmark, D. Hajduk

Development of a New Backup Roll for Strip Shape Control
W. H. Lee

3D Modelling Concepts in Hot Strip Rolling
E. Parteder, A. Kainz, G. Hein, K. Zeman

Mechanical Properties during Deformation

Flow Stress Model and Prediction of Recrystallization between Rolling Passes in Ti Microalloyed Steels
J.I. Chaves, S.F. Medina, L. Rancel

Validation of Multi-scale Model Describing Microstructure Evolution in Steels
J. Gawad, B. Niznik, M. Pietrzyk

Modelling Material Properties Critical of Metalforming and Thermomechanical Processing
G. Zhanli

Application of Forming Process Simulation for Steels with Difficult Formability
D. Omacht

Phase Transitions

Twinning Models in Self-consistent Simulations of TWIP steels
A. Prakash, T. Hochrainer, H. Riedel, D. Helm, E. Reisacher

Computational Analysis of the Precipitation Kinetics in Nb Microalloyed Steels
M. Pudar, E. Kozeschnik, A. Sormann, E. Parteder

Modelling the Carbon Partitioning during the Q&P; Process in Low Carbon Steels
M. J. Santofimia, L. Zhao, J. Sietsma

Simulation of NbC Dissolution in Micro-alloyed Low Carbon Steel
L. Zhao, E. Javierre, F.J. Vermolen, J. Sietsma


Prediction of the Cohesive Zone Properties in the Ironmaking Blast Furnace
A.T. Adema, Y. Yang, R. Boom

Kinetics of the Evaporation Process of the Volatile Component in Induction Stirred Melts
L. Blacha, A. Fornalczyk, R. Przylucki, S. Golak

Removal of Liquid non Metalic Inclusions from Molten Steel using the Method Filtration. The Mathematical Model
K. Janiszewski, Z. Kudlinski

Kinetic Analysis of the Evaporation Process of Metallic Volitalite Components from Melt in the Barbotage Process using Inert Gases
B. Oleksiak, L. Blacha

Modelling of Liquid Steel Flow Through a Delta Type Tundish in Relation to Applied Flow Controllers
J. Pieprzyca, Z. Kudlinski, J. Lipinski, A. Fornalczyk

Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Steel Mixing Time in a 130 t Steel Ladle
M. Warzecha, J. Jowsa, P. Warzecha, T. Merder

Application of Temperature Field Simulations on the No. 2 Billet Caster at Trinecke Zelezarny Steelworks
J. Kubena, J. Pindor, R. Lasota, P. Walek, M. Szymanik

Physical Modelling of Transfer Processes in Gas Ladle Bubbling and their Mathematical Models
K. Michalek, J. Moravka, K. Gryc

Metallurgical Process Modelling
J. Wendelstorf

Role of the Powder Liquid Phase in Generating Electrochemical Phenomena in CC Crystallizer
Z. Kudlinski, B. Sikora, J. Pieprzyca, K. Janiszewski, A. Sorek

Hydrodynamic Model of Continouos Casted Liquid Steel
V. Munteanu, A. Ivanescu, G. Munteanu, O. Costea

Mathematical Model of Simulation for Solidification Process of Continouos Casting Steel Semis
V. Munteanu, A. Ivanescu, G. Munteanu, O. Costea

Mathematical Modelling of the Refractory Lining Durability of the LD Converter
A. Ivanescu, V. Munteanu, L. Ivanescu, G. Munteanu, O. Costea

Mathematical Model of the EAF Steel Deoxidation Kinetics With Manganese and Aluminium
A. Ivanescu, N. Cananau, V. Munteanu, O. Costea

Prediction of the Ferrite Grain Size in Hot Rolling of a V-Microalloyed Steel by means of the Accumulated Stress
S.F. Medina, E. Rodriguez, J.I. Chaves, M. Gomez, L. Rancel