Украинская Ассоциация Сталеплавильщиков

European Oxygen Steelmaking Conference 2006

Session 1 Hot Metal Pretreatment

Optimisation of hot metal desulphurisation at BOS2 Corus Strip Products IJmuiden
Hessel-Jan Visser, Elizabeth Graveland, Lammert Knorren, Aart Overbosch, Rob Boom

Optimizing the Hot Metal Desulphurization Process with the Usage of Rotating Lance
Sergio Luiz de Souza Costa, Eugenio Pacelli Meireles de Araujo, Ivan Lopes Alves, Jorge Lima de Siqueira

Treatment of high manganese hot metal for further processing in oxygen converter
Mamdouh Eissa, Ayman Fathy, Azza Mohamed Ahmed, Taha Mattar, Ismail Saad

Effect of Oxygen Blowing Condition on Hot Metal Dephosphorization
Yuji Ogawa, Michitaka Matsuo, Takeo Inomoto, Nobuo Sano

Simulation Study on Transport Dynamics of Hot Metal Dephosphorization by Powder Injection in Torpedo Car
Zhaoping Chen

Session 2 Improving Steel Quality

New Methods (OES-PDA and PSEM) to Determine Cleanliness in Steel Samples of ULC- and High Strength-Steel Grades
Ernst Pissenberger, Markus Nuspl, Andreas Pissenberger, Peter Reisinger

Improved Calcium Wire Properties Results in High Yields
Wouter K. Tiekink, Rob A. Kooter, Emiel Y.Bosma, Jan P. Brockhoff, Rainer Hackstein, Franck B. Villette

New Developments in the Production of Ultra Low Carbon Steel for Automotive Applications at CST Arcelor Brasil
Paulo Sergio Bringhenti, Flavio Jose Saraiva Rodrigues, Geraldo Iran de SL Cardoso, Marcus Andre Castro Barcellos

Investigation of ladle sand build upon ladle well nozzle
Hongbin Yin, Richard Gass

Study on Nitrogen Increasing from Steelmaking to Continuous Casting at Baosteel Meishan
Chen Zhiping, Dong Hanjun

Session 3 Primary Steelmaking

Productivity Increase and Low Hot Metal LD-Steelmaking at voestalpine Stahl GmbH
Herbert Moser, Wolfgang Hofer, Kilian Jandl, Reinhard Apfolterer, Herbert Mizelli

Experience of new BOF operations at Tr inecke zelezarny
Karel Klimek, Jaroslav Pindor, Jiri Cupek, Jindrich Hudzieczek, Milan Cieslar, Frantis?ek Tomanek, Robert Sikora, David Bocek, Jaroslav Opletal

Use of Dynamic Data to Optimise Vessel Refining
Johan W K van Boggelen

Analysis of Kinetic Data in Industrial Steel Converter for the Operation Control
Celina Blanco, Esperanza Garcia, Manuel Rendueles, Luis Fernando Sancho, Mario Diaz

Development and Application of BRP Technology in Baosteel
Xiao-fang Jiang, Zhao-ping Chen, Zhi-xin Lu, Geng Zhang, Zhi-min Zhong

Application and Maintenance of TBM Combined Blowing Technology in MeiShan Converter
Zhao Guoguang, Zuo Kanglin, Guo Zhenhe

Session 4 By-Products, Recycling and Envronment

Investigations into dust production in the converter process
Matthias Weinberg

Revised concept for secondaryde-dusting in the LD3 mill at voestalpine Linz
Josef Heiss, Roland Schwarzenbrunner, Herbert Mizelli, Raimund Wincor, Andreas Brunner, Hubert Ollinger>

Progress in the Use of BOF Slag
Michael Kuehn, Peter Drissen, Michael Joost

Solutions for dust sandsludges from the BOF process
Carsten Hillmann, Christopher M. Moore, Karl-Josef Sassen

Solutions to capitalization of steel plant slags Stage and perspectives in Romania
Florian I. Zaman, Gheorghe S. Iorga, Mircea N. Hritac, Elena C. Diaconu, Sefan M. Lazar, Adrian I. Burlacu, Cristian Z. Predescu

Vaporisation of the Component Elements from Metallic Bath during Refining in Oxygen Converter
Alexandru Ivanescu, Antoaneta Ene, Viorel Munteanu, Lilica Ivanescu, Dan Zorlescu

Session 5 Primary Steelmaking

Cold Shroud - Boosting Converter Performance
Tom Balkos, John Batham, Tom Russo, Richard Fash, Bill Howanski

Improvement of Converter ProcessConsistency at BOS No 2, Corus IJmuiden
NAlbert B. Snoeijer, Paul Mink, Aart Overbosch, Marcel Hartwig, Hans ter Voort, Jan P. Brockhoff

Steelmaking by the MPS.Dolvi Process - Development for High Productivity
Dieter Senk, Kumar Misra, Peter Meierling, Josef Pleschiutschnig, Ratna Prasad V. Atluri, Zulfiadi Zulhan

Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Dissolution of lime in Laboratory Experiments and in BOF
Brahma Deo, Pramod Kumar Gupta, Madhurai Malathi, Pieter Koopmans, Aart Overbosch, Rob Boom

Possibilities to use new measurements to control LD-KG-converter
Jari Ruuska, Seppo Ollila, Lars Baath, Kauko Leiviska

Development and Implementation of a Flux Model for BOP and Q-BOP Furnaces
Yun Li

Session 6 Refractory Systems

Refractory lining for oxygen converters: Recent experiences in this field
Michele Martino, Marco Fenu, Andrea Anfosso

Improvement of the Refractory and Ladle Maintenance Concept at the Steel Plant Bruckhausen
Andreas Ploch, Chris Lindner, Carl Heinz Schutz

Practical results of Stainless steel fibre reinforced Magnesia carbon bricks in the BOF converter Scrap Impact Pad applications
Subramaniam Muthu Kumar, Helge Jansen, Hartmut Bunse, Rainer Gaebel, Jorg Rzepczyk

Influence of Slag Composition on K-OBM Lining Life: The Case of High TiO2
Roberto Prudente, Sergio Fera, Renzo Valentini

New Technologies and Equipment for Converter Lining Surface Protection
OlexandrS. Brodskyy, Vladimir A. Sheremet, Anatoliy V. Kekukh, Anatoly G. Chernyatevich, Ganna P. Stovpchenko, Oleg I. Pavlyuchenko

Session 7 Secondary Metallurgy

Optimisation of the Metallurgical Treatment of Steel with Calcium
Kurt Huemer, Axel Sormann, Gerfried Wolf

Kettlor: Efficient stirring in ladle metallurgy
Marc Burty, Charles Pusse, Claude Bertoletti, Patrick Wetta, Eric Carioli

Optimization Argon-injection Process Parameters for Ladle Treatment Steel
Alexey Smirnov, Sergey Eronko, Igor Kovalenko, Rolf Giessen

Behavior of Top-blown Jet under Vacuum Pressure
Goro Okuyama, Ikuhiro Sumi, Seiji Nabeshima, Hidetoshi Matsuno, Yasuo Kishimoto

Session 8 Automation and On-Line Process Analysis

Restructuring of Converter Level 2 Automation System
Herbert Mizelli, Herbert Moser, Rudolf Tober

Operational Benefits Due to Installation of DYNACON/LOMAS Technology
Barbara Angermayr, Wolfgang Lutz, Rudolf F. Hubmer, Shen Chang, Shi Xiongliang, Tang Shuguang, Liu Yulan

Trends in Automated Process Laboratories
Susanne van den Bosch, Norbert Wilke

Session 9 Secondary Metallurgy

Steel Desulphurisation by Fluidized Lime - Operational and Quality Results
Andreas Gantner, Alfred Jungreithmeier, Wolfgang Felberbauer, Roman Rossler

Advanced Strategies for Alloying Processes in Steelmaking Ladles
Kersten Marx, Sigurd Rodl, Helmut Lachmund, Yongkun Xie

Decarburization technology of vacuum treated steel at U. S. Steel Kos?ice, s.r.o
Slavomir Hertneky, Gabriel Trefa

Evaluation of Basic Factors to Enhance the Vacuum Decarburization Reaction
Shinya Kitamura, Tooru Matsumiya, Hiroshi Nogami, Felicia Lazuardi

Session 10 Automation and On-Line Process Analysis

Long-Time Experiences with Implementation, Tuning and Maintenance of Transferable BOF Process Models
Gerold Sickert, Reinhard Schramm

Significant Improvements in Steel Making through Installation of Process Models at Mittal Steel, South Africa
Barbara Angermayr, Rudolf F. Hubmer, Josef Wei, Anton Gerber, Kevin D. Jackson, Jose L. A. Marques

Dynamic End-Point Control in BOF through a Fast and simultaneous Determination of the Steel/Slag Composition
Michael Wauters, Johan Knevels, Raymond Meilland, Arne Bengston

A New Approach for the Dynamic Process Simulation of the BOF-Process
Champion Chigwedu, Jens Kempken, Wolfgang Pluschkell

Session 11 Secondary Metallurgy

Effects of the VD-OB Technology on Product Quality
Holger Arnold, Axel Klarner, Andreas Koschinski, Jochen Schluter

Decarburization Practice for ULC Steelmaking
Woo-Jin Noh, Kwang-Chun Kim, Sung-Eun Chae

Ca-Treatment of Al-Killed Steels: Inclusion Modification and Application of Artificial Neural Networks for the Prediction of Clogging
Valentina Colla, Marco Vannucci, Sergio Fera, Renzo Valentini

Ladle Refining Aspects of some special products in Sail Plants
Somnath Ghosh, N. Nath Jha, Kashi Nath Jha, Shibnath Mazumdar

Session 12 Plant Operation Experiences and Productivity Aspects Minimization of Energy Consumption and Conversion Cost for BF-BOF System Based on

Optimised Use of Ferrous Burden Materials
Christer Ryman, Chuan Wang, Mikael Larsson, Jan Dahl, Carl-Erik Grip

Optimisation of steel plant logistics at Dillinger Hutte using simulation models
Oliver Bode, Ralf Bruckhaus

Towards 7 Million Tons of Liquid Steel per Year at BOS2 Corus Strip IJmuiden
Jan Brockhoff, Pieter G. J. Broersen, Marcel Hartwig, Harry P. Pronk, Hans Ter Voort, Richard Mostert, Albert B. Snoeijer, Aart Overbosch

Port Talbot BOS Plant Challenges
Guy Simms, Ian Blak

Session 13 Processing, Modelling, Simulation

Mathematical Simulation of Decarburization in Vacuum Degasser
Xiaodong Yin, Zongze Huang, Wenbing Gu

Preliminary Study on Mathematical Modelling of Stainless Steelmaking in AOD Converter
Ji-He Wei, Jie-Hui Shu, Hong-Li Zhu, Guo-Min Shi, Qing-Yuan Jiang, He-Bing Chi

CFD Simulation of Melt Flow Mixing Phenomena in Combined Blowing Converters
Hans-Jurgen Odenthal, Udo Falkenreck, Jens Kempken, Jochen Schluter, Norbert Uebber

Filtering of the Industrial Data for the Artificial Neural Network
Jan Falkus, Piotr Pietrzkiewicz, Tomasz Kargu

Session 14 Plant Operation Experience and Productivity Aspects

Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH increased the efficiency of its BOF shop
Andreas Berghofer, Ralf Kromarek

Improvement in Performance of the Tapping System at Port Talbot Steelworks
Michael M. Berger, Christian Rahm

Decade of Development in Steelmaking at Ruukki Production, Raahe Steel Works
Jarmo Lilja, Seppo Ollila, Hannu Nevala

Improvement of BOF Productivity in No.2 Steel Making Plant at Kashima Steel Works
Shingo Takeuchi, Kenichi Akahane, Kouichi Sakai

Session 15 Processing, Modelling, Simulation

Improved Dynamic Control of Carbon and Nitrogen Content in AOD Converter Process for Stainless Steelmaking on the Basis of Thermodynamic Process Models
Bernd Kleimt, Rainer Lichterbeck, Christian Burkat

Decarburization of Iron Using Top Lance Blowing
Annie Nordqvist, Anders Tilliander, Per Jonsson

Study on Mathematical Modeling for AOD Converter with Top Oxygen Blowing
Jianbin Chen, Zhaoping Chen, Zhouhua Jiang, Zongze Huang

Session 16 Plant Operation Experience and Productivity Aspects

High Efficient Converter Operation Scheme in Pohang No.2 Steelmaking Plant
Seunggon Kim, Dongryul Lee

Boosting Production Through Optimal BOF Modernization of ISDEMR Iron and Steel Works
Ibrahim Gol, Lars Meier, Karl-Josef Schneider, Hans-Wilhelm Schock, Winfried Laubach

Development of Process Technologies for API Sour X60 and X65 Quality in accordance with Start-up of VD at HADEED Steelworks
Kwang-Keun Lee, Kwang-Seop Ro, Adel Al-Butairi, Saad Z. Al-Shamary, Waleed Al-Shalfan

Poster Session

Learn how to Operate a BOF at
David J. Naylor, Ruth Hambleton, Henri Gaye

Interaction of Heat Blowing and Slag Regimes and Converter Profile (Movie Investigation)
Anatoly G. Chernyatevich, Oleg I. Pavlyuchenkov, Olexandr S. Brodskyy, Ganna P. Stovpchenko

Innovative Concepts for Steel Ladle Porous Plugs
Patrick Tassot

The Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer in Steel Converters using cold models
Mario Diaz, Margarita Martin, Manuel Rendueles

Thermal Shock Behaviour of Carbon Bonded MgO-C Refractories with Inorganic Micro- and/or Nano-Additions
Christos G. Aneziris, Uwe Klippel

The Use of Calcium Carbide in Steel
Roberto J. Santiago, Luis A. Mombello

Determination of Optimum Calcium Carbide for Deoxidation of Slags
Roberto J. Santiago, Luis A. Mombello

Process of Carbothermic Reduction of Iron and Manganese Ore Bearing Briquettes
Karla de Melo Martins, Elena Gorbunova, Dieter Senk, Heinrich Wilhelm Gudenau